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AAP: Action Time Begins for the Change Element

Isn’t it quite natural for a common man to not accept any socio-political change easily? First reaction of resistance to change comes in the form of “heated exchange” of words with majority of them in disfavor. But consistent action and example driven approach slowly wins favor. 

RBI Dec Policy: Rajan on Status Quo Mode, Keeps Policy Rate Unchanged at 7.75%

Shock or say a common shock, at least from an inflationary angle. Despite retail inflation above 11% and whole sale inflation maintaining northward trend with 7.52% surge in November, India central bank the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) preferred to maintain status quo and keep policy rate unchanged in its mid-quarter monetary policy review released on December 18.

WPI Dec: India’s Inflation Surges to 7.52%, Rate Hike Sure

After the double-digit retail inflation and weak industrial growth shock, another jolt came for the government and Reserve Bank of India on Monday from wholesale data. India's inflation based on wholesale price data surged to 7.52% on-year in November, maintaining the upward trend of  7% in October and 6.99% in August.

Anna-AAP Rift Painful, Faith Evaporating

Anna’s approach of achieving this milestone of “Lok Pal” might not be liked by young blood, as they want everything ready-delivered at fastest speed, but for vast majority of people believing in “evolutionary approach” of step-by-step reform this latest development of rift is not a healthy development, that could jeopardize all possible future such efforts.

Bhusan Steel Accident: Citizen Rights Group Files Petition Before Human Rights Commission

The Forum for Citizens’ Rights (FCR) has filed a petition before the State Human Rights Commission here in state capital alleging gross violation of rules and regulation, negligence and possible number of deaths in man made disaster by India

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